Disneyland day 2

Here’s a pic from our 2nd trip. We met up with our friends Sean and Jamie and had a great time cruzin the park.

FYI I’m posting this on my iPhone to our website and then auto syncing it to facebook.

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the Smith Family website, a.k.a. brianandtammy.com

I’m starting a new blog format for all our posts and picture reports of trips and events.  The old website will be back up as a link from here, so you can still see old stuff from the past years if you want, but moving forward we’ll just stick to the blog.

Why blog?  We’ll I’ve taken some serious thought to our website and our format, I’m going to use a combination of photo gallery/blog/facebook connect/rss/and google integration.  This seemed like to best solution for all of that, I’ll post after I get it setup how to follow us on your choice of:



Just look at our website

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